form analysis and translation based on Perseus (Version 2010):
Olympus N  a high mountain on the borders of Macedonia and Thessaly
Lewis & Short, A latin dictionary (1879)
Olympus Ŏlympus and -pos (anciently written Olĭmpus), i, m., = Ὄλυμπος . The name of several mountains, the most celebrated of which is one on the borders of Macedonia and Thessaly (now Lacha), of great height, and consequently regarded as the seat of the gods, Mel. 2, (show full text)
Olympus, Ŏlympus, i, f., a city in Cilicia, named from a neighboring mountain, now the ruins of Deliktash: Olympum cepit, urbem antiquam et omnibus rebus auctam, Cic. Verr. 2, 1, 21, § 56 (Zumpt N. cr.); Flor. 3, 6, 5; Eutr. 6, 3. A city of Lycia, (show full text)
Olympus,² Ŏlympus, 1, m., a famous fluteplayer, pupil of Marsyas, Ov. M. 6, 393; id. P. 3, 3, 42; Hyg. Fab. 165; Plin. 36, 5, 4, § 29.
Gaffiot, Dictionnaire latin-français (2016, ex 1934), merci à G. Gréco, M. De Wilde, B. Maréchal, K. Ôkubo!
Olympus,¹ 1 Ŏlympus, ī, m. (Ὄλυμπος), 1 Olympe [montagne entre la Thessalie et la Macédoine ; séjour des dieux] : Varro L. 7, 20 ; Virg. G. 1, 282 || [fig.] le ciel : Virg. En. 9, 106 2 montagnes de Bithynie, de Lycie, d'Ionie, (show full text)
Olympus,² 2 Ŏlympus, ī, m., célèbre joueur de flûte, élève de Marsyas : Ov. M. 6, 393 ; Plin. 36, 35.
Köbler, Gerhard, Lateinisches Abkunfts- und Wirkungswörterbuch für Altertum und Mittelalter (thanks to the author, http://www.koeblergerhard.de/Mittellatein-HP/VorwortMlat-HP.htm) (2010)
Olympus Olympus, Olympos, Olymphus, Olimpus, lat., M.=ON, F.=ON: nhd. Olymp, Olympos (eine Stadt in Lykien); mlat.-nhd. Himmel; ÜG.: ahd. himil Gl, N, (himilisk) N, (uflih) Gl; ÜG.: mhd. himel PsM; Q.: Varro (116-27 v. Chr.), Dipl.; Q2.: Gl, N; I.: Lw. gr. Ὄλυμπος (Ólympos); E.: s. gr. (show full text)