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form analysis and translation based on Perseus (Version 2010):
harundo N  a reed, cane
Lewis & Short, A latin dictionary (1879)
harundo hărundo (better than ărundo, Bramb. s. v.; Wagn. Orthog. Verg. p. 441; Rib. Prol. Verg. p. 422, though the latter is freq. in MSS. and edd.; v. infra), ĭnis, f. etym. dub.; perh. from root ar-, to set in motion; Sanscr. aras, swift; aranjas, a wood, as (show full text)
Latinitatis medii aevi lexicon Bohemorum (thanks to the Centre for Classical Studies at the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences ( (2017)
harundo harundo v. arundo
Köbler, Gerhard, Lateinisches Abkunfts- und Wirkungswörterbuch für Altertum und Mittelalter (thanks to the author, (2010)
harundo harundo, lat., F.: Vw.: s. arundo (1)