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form analysis and translation based on Perseus (Version 2010):
bracchium N   the forearm, lower arm:
Lewis & Short, A latin dictionary (1879)
bracchium bracchĭum (less correctly brāchĭ-um; gen. bracchi, Lucr. 6, 434), ii, n. perh. kindr. with Gr. βραχίων ; but cf. Sanscr. bāhu; like frango, Sanscr. bhang, Bopp, Gloss. p. 239 a, the arm; particularly, Lit., the forearm, from the hand to the elbow (while lacertus is the (show full text)
Latinitatis medii aevi lexicon Bohemorum (thanks to the Centre for Classical Studies at the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences ( (2017)
bracchium bracchium v. brachium
brachio *brachio 1. [ cf. DfG 80b] brachia collo alcis inicere – obejmout pažemi: b-are est angere cum brachiis |KNM X E 1 f.150v|; b-are significat cingere cum brachiis |KNM II F 4 f.46r|.
Köbler, Gerhard, Lateinisches Abkunfts- und Wirkungswörterbuch für Altertum und Mittelalter (thanks to the author, (2010)
bracchium bracchium, lat., N.: Vw.: s. brachium (1)