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form analysis and translation based on Perseus (Version 2010):
incoho V  
Georges, Ausführliches lateinisch-deutsches Handwörterbuch, 8. Aufl. (1913)
incoho, s. inchoo.
Lewis & Short, A latin dictionary (1879)
incoho incoho (better than inchŏo, Plaut. Trin. 1, 2, 95; cf. Corss. Ausspr. 1, 109; Cic. Rep. 1, 35 Mai.; 3, 2; Front. p. 154 Rom.; Marin. Fratr. Arv. p. 363; Bramb. p. 291 sq.), āvi, ātum, 1, v. a. and n. for in-coco; from in and Sanscr. (show full text)
Gaffiot, Dictionnaire latin-français (2016, ex 1934), merci à G. Gréco, M. De Wilde, B. Maréchal, K. Ôkubo!
incoho incohō, v. inchoo.
Дворецкий И.Х., Отличный латинско-русский словарь (1976)
incoho incoho v. l. = inchoo.
Köbler, Gerhard, Lateinisches Abkunfts- und Wirkungswörterbuch für Altertum und Mittelalter (thanks to the author, (2010)
incoho incohāre, lat., V.: Vw.: s. inchoāre