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form analysis and translation based on Perseus (Version 2010):
oh EXCLAM  interj., of surprise or sorrow, oh! O! ah!
Lewis & Short, A latin dictionary (1879)
oh, oh, interj., an expression for the most various emotions of the mind—for surprise, both joyful and painful; for great pleasure or sorrow; for earnest wishing, admiration, aversion, etc.—oh! O! ah! oh, tibi ego ut credam, furcifer? Ter. And. 3, 5, 12: oh, iniquus es, id. Heaut. 5, (show full text)
Gaffiot, Dictionnaire latin-français (2016, ex 1934), merci à G. Gréco, M. De Wilde, B. Maréchal, K. Ôkubo!
oh ōh, interj. qui exprime les sentiments les plus divers : oh ! ah ! Pl. ; Ter.
Дворецкий И.Х., Отличный латинско-русский словарь (1976)
Oh O (oh)! interj. о!, ах! (возглас радости, горя, удивления): c vocat. (o mi Furni! C), c acc. (o me miserum! C) или с nom. (o vir fortis! Ter); иногда поэт. с gen. (o. mihi nuntii, beati! Ctl); (тж. при пожеланиях) (o si adesset! V).
oh oh! interj. о!, ах! Pl, Ter etc.