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Lewis : Aelius

Aelius, AelÄ­us, a. The name of a Roman gens.

Adj., Aelian; hence, Lex Aelia de comitiis, named after Q. Aelius Paetus, by whom it was proposed. A. U. C. 596, Cic. Sest. 15, 33; id. Vatin. 9; id. Pis. 4; id. Att. 2, 9 al.

Lex Aelia Sentia, proposed by the consuls Sext. Aelius and C. Sentius, A. U. C. 757, containing regulations concerning the limitation of manumission; cf. Ulp. Fragm. tit. 1; Dig. 40, 2, 12; 15 and 10, etc.; Zimmern, Hist. of Law, 1, 81, and 761 sq.