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Lewis : Franci

Franci, Franci, ōrum, m., the Franks, a Germanic confederacy on the Rhine, Claud. I. Laud. Stil. 189; 227; II. Laud. Stil. 243; Vop. Procul. 13 al.—In sing. collect.: ante pedes humili Franco tristique Suevo Perfruor, Claud. in Eutrop. 1, 394.

Derivv. Francia, ae, f., the region inhabited by the Franks, Franconia, Aus. Idyll. 8, 29; 10, 434; Claud. Laud. Stil. 1, 237.

Francus, a, um, adj., of or belonging to the Franks, Frank: lingua, Hier. Vit. Hilar. 22.

Francĭcus, i, m., a surname of the emperor Probus, on account of his victories over the Franks, Vop. Prob. 11.