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Lewis : Nisus

Nisus, Nīsus, i, m., = Νῖσος A king of Megara, father of Scylla, who, in order to gain the love of Minos, cut off her father's purple hair, on which the safety of his kingdom depended, whereupon Nisus was changed into a sparrow-hawk, and Scylla into the bird ciris, Verg. G. 1, 404 sq.; Ov. M. 8, 8 sqq.; v. Scylla.

Hence, Nī-saeus, a, um, adj., of or belonging to Nisus, Nisæan: et vos Nisaei, naufraga monstra, canes, i. e. Scylla, the daughter of Phorcus, Ov. F. 4, 500; cf. id. A. A. 1, 331.

Nīsēis, ĭdis, f., the daughter of Nisus, Scylla (q. v.), confounded with the daughter of Phorcus: praeterita cautus Niseide navita gaudet, Ov. R. Am. 737.

Nī-sēĭus, a, um, adj., of or belonging to Nisus, Nisæan: per mare caeruleum trahitur Niseia virgo, Verg. Cir. 390; Ov. M. 8, 35.

Nīsĭas, ădis, f., Nisæan, i. e. Megarian: Nisiades matres Nisiadesque nurus, of Megaris, in Sicily (a colony of Megara, in Greece), Ov. H. 15, 54.

Son of Hyrtacus and friend of Euryalus, Verg. A. 5, 294; 9, 176 sq.