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Lewis : septimanus

septimanus, septĭmānus, a, um, adj. septem. Of or belonging to the number seven: Nonae, falling on the seventh day of the month (in March, May, July, and October; opp. quintanae, which fell upon the fifth day), Varr. L. L. 6, § 27 Müll.; Macr. S. 1, 14; Censor. de Die Nat. 20: feturae, born in the seventh month, Arn. 3, 105.

Subst. septĭmāni, ōrum, m., soldiers of the seventh legion, Plin. 3, 4, 5, § 36; Tac. H. 3, 25.

septĭmāna, ae, f., late Lat. for hebdomas, a week, Cod. Th. 15, 5, 5: die septimanarum, the Jewish feast of weeks, Vulg. 2 Macc. 12, 31.—Hence, septĭmā-nărĭi, = hebdomadarii, Reg. Bened. 35.