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Lewis : compensatio

compensatio compensātĭo (conp-), ōnis, f. compenso, a weighing, balancing of several things together. Prop., in the lang. of business, a balancing of accounts, a rendering of an equivalent, equalizing: compensatio est debiti et crediti inter se distributio, Dig. 16, 2, 1; so ib. 24, 3, 15; Gai Inst. 4, 66 sq.: mercium, an exchange, barter (opp. pecunia), Just. 3, 2, 11.

Trop (only in Cic.): hac usurum conpensatione sapientem, ut voluptatem fugiat, si ea majorem doiorem effectura sit, Cic. Tusc. 5, 33, 95: incommoda commodorum conpensatione lenire, id. N. D. 1, 9, 23.