Wilhelmus Hirsaugiensis

VIAF ID of the author: 307196709
Alternate name forms (from DNB): Guillaume, d'Hirsau; Guglielmo, di Hirsau; William, of Hirsau; Wilhelm, von Hirschau; Wilhelmus, Hirsaugiensis; Guilelmus, Gengenbacensis; Guilelmus, Musicus; Guilielmus, Hirsaugiensis; Guillelmus, Hirsaugiensis show more...
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek ID: DNB 118987216
Life dates according to Deutsche Nationalbibliothek: -1091
Link to Mirabile (SISMEL Firenze): http://www.mirabileweb.it/author/guillelmus-hirsaugiensis-abbas-m-5-7-1091/22093
Life dates according to Mirabile: m. 5-7-1091
Wikidata id (links to wikipedia articles): Q95729
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Constitutiones Hirsaugienses
Praefatio in sua astronomica